Mental Health

Vegetarian diets and quality of life: cause or effect?

t can not be stressed enough however necessary it’s to acknowledge that this study, supported the Austrian Health Interview Survey (AT-HIS) examined dietary patterns once the themes had developed health issues. several vegetarians don’t seem to be born into diet, however adopt a eater diet later in life. Therefore, it’s necessary to handle why the vegetarians during this study adopted a flesh free diet. This necessary limitation was acknowledged by the Austrian researchers, World Health Organization asserted:

” Potential limitations of our results are due to the fact that the survey was based on cross-sectional data. Therefore, no statements can be made whether the poorer health in vegetarians in our study is caused by their dietary habit or if they consume this form of diet due to their poorer health status. We cannot state whether a causal relationship exists, but describe ascertained associations. ”

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